About Us

About Our Web and Graphic Designer, Mel Parker

Mel Parker is the owner of Vivid Web Design. She has over 25 years of graphic design experience.

Mel knows how to create websites that look good and also how to get people interested in what you’re doing.

If you want to attract more customers or get people to come to your event, Mel can help make that happen. Contact her today and find out more!

Ideal Credentials in Web Development and Design

Looking for sustainable web design that will make your business or organization stand out?

For sustainable web design, you need someone with the right qualifications. Mel has a diploma in graphic design and web development, as well as an advanced diploma in photography. This means she can create beautiful visuals for your website.

Her communication skills also let her find out what you want from your website. With the right typeface, layout, and proofreading, she can help your website communicate effectively with visitors. Contact Mel today to learn more about sustainable web design for your business or organization.

Solar-powered and based in Hobart, Australia – with a Worldwide Reach

Available to serve both local and global clients with her trademark designs, Mel works from her solar-powered Tasmanian studio, located near Hobart. Through digital media, however, she can serve clients worldwide.

She’s also fluent in English and German. So, if you serve a bilingual market, Mel can create websites in both languages.

Discover what a Vivid Web Design website can do for your business. Schedule your free initial Zoom consultation today!